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Spear & Jackson E-series trowel
  Particularly recommended for:
tickOne hand
tickWeak grip

Trowel and fork

These tools are well balanced and have soft handles which are comfortable to hold. The thin high quality metal blades glide through the soil making digging easier.

The useful holes at the end of the handles can be used for straps to hang the tools in the shed, or for wrist straps to prevent the tools dropping to the ground if your grip loosens.

These particular tools are no longer produced, however, similar good quality hand trowels and forks are available from Draper Tools Ltd, C.K Tools and Darlac.

Model:E-series fork
SupplierSpear & Jackson
ModelE-series fork
*Trowel :
Model:E-series fork & trowel
Fork length:300mm
Fork weight:218g
Trowel length:340mm
Trowel weight:294g
SupplierSpear & Jackson
ModelE-series trowel
* Information correct at time of publication.